If you think tire studs are just for ice, think again. Grip Studs™ has introduced a tire stud which delivers awesome traction in all wet-weather riding conditions—including mud! These easy-to-install, screw-in tire studs will quickly become part of your basic gear for all wet riding conditions, above or below zero degrees.

Made with tungsten carbide, these corrosion-resistant, self-tapping studs are available in two protrusion lengths—5.5mm for front tires and 6.8mm for rear tires. Simply screw into tire knobs with Grip Studs™ custom power drill bit to easily transform your tires into the grippiest knobs around. Stainless Wood Screw

Grip Studs - Racer X

Add bite to your knobbies with Grip Studs™ Motorcycle Studs to ride the mud, snow, and ice like never before.

Grip Studs - Racer X

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